Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Glow Hunt

What fun this would be for an evening party, or just a family fun night.
The more glow sticks the better, one pack (of 10 bracelet size sticks) per child works best.

Activate the glow sticks and hide them outside, like an Easter egg hunt. It is best to time the hunt specifically for dusk- when it is almost dark, but not complete. When it is completely dark it actually makes the hunt easier (and could be a safety risk if it is too dark and people cannot see where they are going)
After the hunt, give children the connectors to make necklaces, chains, or other creative creations.

They also can make a fun bath toy, lighting up the water and the bubbles.

We got to thinking, what a fun, lightweight experience for vacations, where children are away from their bath toys and nightlights. Packed 4 Fun will automatically include a pack of 10 glow sticks in the next 6 backpacks that are purchased from www.packed4fun.com :)

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