Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The String Game of Surprises

The String Game of Surprises
This is fun for holidays, birthdays, or just for random fun.
Take a ball of string or yarn, and run it zig zag through a couple rooms of the house. Have the string be a marker for where to look, so it is wrapped around a cupboard or door handle, under a chair, behind an end table, etc.
Take the content of Packed 4 Fun Backpack.
Put the Backpack at the beginning of the string. As the child follows the string they can find all the surprises and fill back up the Packed 4 Fun Backpack.
Finding each item one at a time can intensify the excitement of all what they are getting!

All Packed 4 Fun backpack orders purchased through April 10th will include a ball of yarn!


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