Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Spooky Snack Mix

So many Halloween themed snacks and party foods are desserts. On a day when children are already going to have so much sugar, here's and idea of a snack/activity great for preschoolers and school aged children.

Each child could bring in one ingredient that they have to name as something spooky or gross (avoid candy- could use cereal, crackers, etc.)
(examples- a child could bring square pretzels and say they are windows to a haunted mansion, raisins are dead ants, cocoa crisipies are rat poop,  Bugles are witch fingernails, roasted dried peas are monster boogers etc.)
The teacher can add each child's ingredient into a (clean) trash can (with a fresh trash bag) and mix it together. Then kids can scoop some out for themselves. 

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